Salary step advancement and you

One of AdFac’s key goals is to move part-time faculty toward parity with our full-time colleagues, who teach the same classes and have the same minimum requirements for employment. One area of disparity is in steps given to faculty for longevity (theoretically under the assumption that, with more experience, you become a better teacher). Full-time faculty have 18 steps where they are given a pat increase, while part-time faculty only have had 3 steps.

In October, with the help of a state-appointed mediator, the District agreed to add one step to each of the three adjunct salary schedules, with each step worth approximately 4%. They did not, however, agree to make steps automatic, that is, adjuncts have to apply for a step increase once a year; they are not automatically moved to the next step even when they are qualified.

In November, AdFac and the District mailed step advancement request forms to 597 adjuncts to be completed before the end of the semester/trimester. Many of these adjuncts had been at the top step for more than 10 years.

Adjuncts who met the criteria for eligibility will see an additional 4% increase in their January paychecks.

For those of you who were not eligible fora step increase in November, you will have another chance. Step advancement may be requested prior to the first Friday in August. Here are the criteria:

    ¨ Credit adjuncts must have taught at least 3 semesters  to move up a step.

    ¨ Non-credit adjuncts must have taught at least 6 trimesters to move up a step.

Check with Human Resources (714-808-4820, -4823, or –4825) to inquire and have them send you a form. If you are eligible, you need to complete the form, return it to District Human Resources prior to August 8, and in Fall 2014 you will begin to earn more money!





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