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In remembrance: Linda Cushing

It is with deepest regret that we announce the passing of our founder, Linda Cushing.

In mid-March, Linda was organizing healthcare professionals in Oregon and Washington; she was on her way to a meeting when her car collided with a pickup truck and she died.

     Linda was a tireless and inspirational leader.  She was devoted to part-timers, not only in this district, which was founded in 2001, but in all the other districts that she organized as an AFT National Representative. 

     Other unions she organized include Palomar College, Citrus College, Cerritos College, Victor Valley, College of the Canyons, Santa Barbara City College, Mendocino College and the Kern College District.  

     In later assignments, Linda organized professional staff at the University of Vermont and nurses in Oregon. 

     Linda received her MA and MFA in Art from Cal State University, Fullerton. While working as an adjunct professor, she discovered that many full-time tenured professor positions were being eliminated by local colleges. As an adjunct, she and her colleagues basically taught full-time but at three or four different colleges each semester with no security or benefits. These stressful and uncertain teaching conditions led her to reach out to local teachers’ unions with the idea of organizing part-time faculty. Linda found an ally with the American Federation of Teachers. She was instrumental in a successful campaign to organize this district and became our local’s first president.

      A memorial service was held on April 9 at Cornerstone Church in Anaheim. Cards can be sent to Linda’s brother, Ron Cushing, 20773B Crest Lane, Walnut, CA  91789.   A memorial Fund is set up through Independence Christian School where Linda had taught art and judged the annual student art show. Funds go toward art lessons and supplies for students and are tax-deductible. To donate: http://www.independencechristianschool.com/

     American Federation of Teachers in Washington, DC, will be holding a special event in June in memory of Linda.

    Adjunct Faculty United has established a scholarship in Linda’s name. If you wish to donate, call 714-526-5759.


Adjuncts:  Get more money by adding a step 

More Money! Part-time faculty are paid based on

1) their completed credits (up to a Ph. D.) and

2) their years of experience (called “steps”).


Once a year, part-time faculty members can apply for a “step” increase, based on their newly garnered experience. NOCCCD is the only district in California that does not grant automatic step increases, so in order to get a 4% salary step increase in this district, YOU need to submit a form to HR. This is a result of the former Vice Chancellor for Human Resources’ insistence that part-time faculty had to be “responsible” for knowing the contract (all 40+ pages) and therefore should be responsible for turning in the form. The District still refuses to change this policy.


Numerous faculty over the years have forgotten to submit the form, and hence have permanently lost the 4% increase (since you can only apply once a year and since there is no “back” pay to make up the missed wages). Thus, the AdFac Executive Board has decided to try to get each of our members to turn in the form every year so that no one misses out on the additional money. Sending in the form every year needs to become routine. There is a new step coming this Fall, so even if you are at  the top step, you should still  submit the form.


So how do you submit a form? Go to the AdFac website, www.adfacunited.org, click on forms and choose the one appropriate for you (there are 3 forms). The form must be submitted before August 12, 2016. However, we would like as many of you as possible to send in the completed request now or as soon as you can before the August deadline.

By sending the request forms en masse, it is our hope that the District will realize the importance of making these step increases automatic. Complete the form to the best of your ability. The Human Resources staff will research your records to see if you do qualify. If you’re not sure, put a question mark in the boxes that ask which criteria you satisfy.


Send the form to:             NOCCCD Human Resources

                                           1830 W. Romneya Dr.

                                           Anaheim, CA  92801


Be sure to keep a copy of the submitted form for your records.

Covered California: What the health care law can do for you

Covered California is a state program where qualified legal residents and their families can compare quality health plans and choose the one that works best for their needs and budget. Based on income and family size, many Californians will also qualify for financial assistance to help pay for premiums and other out-of-pocket costs, such as medications, routine tests and copays for doctor visits. Even those who do not qualify for assistance will find a range of quality, private health insurance plans to fit their budgets. And no one can be denied for having pre-existing conditions. Through Covered California, you may qualify for financial help to pay for health insurance based on household size and adjusted gross income.

     There are four standard benefit levels. At each level, all insurance plans offer the same benefits, so you can determine which level is best for you based on your expected use of medical services.

     Minimum coverage plans are available to people under age 30. For Californians with limited income, Medi-Cal is a public health insurance program that provides coverage at very low or no cost. Those who aren’t eligible for Medi-Cal but are eligible to buy health insurance through Covered California may qualify for federal assistance to help pay for their premiums. And some may be eligible for both federal assistance AND help with out-of-pocket costs, such as medications, routine tests and copays for doctor visits.

     For more information, visit CoveredCA.com. Or call Scott Lucas, 1-800-811-0793.





2016 Executive Board Meetings


August 19

September 16

October 14

November 18

December 90


Meetings begin at 12:30pm in the ADFAC office @ 305 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 313, Fullerton